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Week 4 Penetration Test Paper/Presentation

Submit a paper that highlights your embarkment on a small scale penetration test project.  Outline the phases of a penetration test, complete an estimated Gantt chart covering the project lifetime, and include a list of your deliverables at the end of the project. Produce a presentation (PowerPoint or Prezi) summarizing your overall project goals.  Once completed, upload the your paper and presentation via the  Penetration Test Paper/Presentation assignment link.  Here is an example document for you to use as inspiration for your report.  This document is ‘all encompassing’ and you will not be required to complete such an extensive report, but it is a useful example.  The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when accessing the assignment link. 


· What is a Gantt Chart? is a good starting place if you have never constructed a Gantt chart before.

· Summarizing the Five Phases of Penetration Testing provides inspiration for the phases of your project.

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