percentage (approximate) of the incarcerated population in the US state prison system is female? Q 70% Q 30% Q 7% O 3% Programs for female

percentage (approximate) of the incarcerated population in the
US state prison system is female? Q 70%
Q 30%
Q 7%
O 3% Programs for female offenders must be responsive to what factor(s)?
0 gender and developmental age
0 age only 0 gender only 0 none of the above A gender-responsive approach to female delinquency prevention
would address which intersecting issues? C] Trauma C] Mental health
O economic oppression C] relationship with families Place the sequence of events in the correct order as explained by the
feminist theory of delinquency. Girls run away from home and live on the streets.
Girls are frequently the victims of sexual abuse Victimizers may use official agencies to keep victims home
and vulnerable On the streets, girls become involved in various criminal
activity, which further traumatizes them Match the theory to its female delinquency application. Differential
Association Theory Classical Theories Labeling Theory Strain Theory Females can experience
strain over unmet goals,
especially in family and
school Association with delinquent
peer groups can cause girls
to learn pro-criminal values Females can be informally
labeled by parents, schools
and the justice system Some females see the
rewards of crime as high and
the punishment as low She is 13- years old. :J~ She has a history of repeated _____________ . :r» She has experienced academic failure, _______ , and dropping out of
schooL :le Her family background includes a lack of connectedness and social She is likely a person of __________ . :l e the tee t teeth issues, including a history of __________________ . :1~ Gender roles impact female delinquents in which ways? 0 Girls develop identity in relation to other people
C] Girls resolve conflict based on relationships
O Girls focus on independence and autonomy O Girls show relational aggression Gender roles impact male delinquents in which ways (select all that
apply)? C] males resolve conflict based on rules
C] males focus on independence and autonomy
C] males develop their identity in relation to the world O males exhibit overt aggression is a gender role? 0 personal traits that society attaches to being male or female
0 the biological sex a person is assigned at birth
0 a societal definition of what is masculine or feminine behavior 0 the gender identity that a person chooses The gender ratio in offending causes us to ask which questions? Q Why are females less likely than males to be involved in most
crimes? Q Why are males more crime prone than females?
C] explains gender differences in rates of offending? Q Why do females commit more crimes than males?

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