Problem of practice: “crimes perpetrated against illegal immigrants


Literature Review Rubric

Problem of Practice: “Crimes perpetrated against illegal immigrants in Jacksonville Florida”

Methodologies used: Quantitative, Qualitative and Meta -Analysis 

Please review the assignment document and refer to your text for information.

Abbreviated Literature Reviews:  The purpose of this assignment is for you to summarize, critique, and develop the “evidence base” from existing research related to your identified problem of practice that you will use to design your research study proposal.  Select TWO articles (dated 2014 or later) from different professional educational research journals and write a summary (1 page) of each article. The reviews must include a copy (hyperlink) of the articles. The journal articles must be considered scholarly.  Required components of the review include, but are not limited to: 

· Author’s purpose for writing the article

· What is currently known about the problem of practice and the major point(s) covered by article

· Methods and methodologies used to study the problem

· How and why these methods are appropriate for the type of problem identified

· Conclusions and implications of the article

· A statement on the application of the articles to your work environment  

Include at least two (2) direct quotes from each article to demonstrate that you know how to cite sources in APA style (Note: APA requires a page number for all direct quotes from sources with page numbers [i.e., books, periodicals, etc.].  If no page number is present, the paragraph from which the direct quote is drawn should be referenced. Refer to your APA guide or various APA Web sources).

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