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Just how many social classes are there in the U.S?  Sociologists still debate just how many classes there are in American society.  How many social classes do you think there are?


The Prompt

Respond to the following prompt under the designated Discussion Board under the Communication area:


Construct your own “social class typology” for American society. A typology is a systematic classification of types, so your social class typology would be a systematic classification of exactly what social classes you believe there are in America. Validate your opinion by including the major characteristics of each class in your typology, using at least the following variables: education, income and occupation.  Include any other variables that you think are relevant to a person’s class standing.



Your text will give you some ideas to get started with. Also, check out The National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago web site to get some ideas about how they measure class.



Post your opening response to the question early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you.


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