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1.)Write an introductory paragraph describing Cheryl and her situation. Introduce the four strategies you’ve used to let Cheryl know you have a plan to help her gain confidence at work

2.)Review your advice for Cheryl to help her be positive. Revise your draft response below.

3.)Provide a summary of why you think the strategies you chose from Queen Latifah’s Laws of Confidence will help Cheryl build up her confidence at work. How will cultivating her confidence contribute to her success in her career?

this is what is have so far:

Queen Latifah’s second law of confidence specifies that the girl should be herself. Using this strategy, Cheryl should not worry about the disappointments she encounters from her college customers. In addition, Cheryl should not go along with recommendations from any other person as she’s the only one who is aware of her problems. 

According to Queen Latifah’s third law of confidence-“Push Yourself” is an Important strategy commonly being used by individuals to build their confidence. In a similar way, Cheryl should allow others to push her to accomplish her tasks. According to the strategy, if she allows herself to be pushed by others, she will be pushed into an undesirable direction. In this manner she will successfully regain her self-confidence. 

“Learn from the past” is one of Queen Latifah’s strategies of confidence -building utilizing the later strategy, see Cheryl should have learned from her past experiences working at Telcom Company. This is good example utilizing, during this period she had adequate self confidence that was vital for her activities 

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