Quiz wk 4- case analysis on closing cases

 Details attached , please read all the instructions.

The purpose of closing cases is to give the students the opportunity as a to apply business concepts to real life situations regarding international business management. Case studies are designed to introduce the students to specific and real international business situations closely related to trade theories and to enable them to understand the forces behind global business operations. They offer the students the opportunity to develop their skill in analyzing the possible implications of cross-border business decisions. Further, they serve an integrative function as well as to allow the faculty member and the students to examine global business management problems and issues more closely. Finally, they highlight the nature of the ethical dilemma and social responsibility concerns of host countries.  . Make sure that you touch on the important aspects of the case as it relates to the material in the chapter.    APA FORMAT, CASE IS ATTACHED, ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS.. and related chapter 7 is attached.

Thank you.      textbook for this class is  

International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace

(11th Edition) by Charles W. L. 

Hill. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education    ISBN #  9781259578113 

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