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Unit 6 Reading Activity

Directions: For the Reading Activity answer the following questions completely in a word processing document then attach and submit by clicking on the “Unit 5: Reading Activity” link above to submit your assignment.

Please make sure you are submitting your assignment as an attachment in either .doc or PDF format.  Assignments typed into the textbox will not be graded until they are attached.

Remember to follow these guidelines:

  1. Provide evidence from the text. Be specific!
  2. Give reasoning for your response with a few sentences of commentary.
  3. Proofread for spelling and grammar errors.
  4. Answer ALL parts of the question.

Chapter 7

  1. Find three examples of figurative language in the chapters you have read so far.

Chapters 8 and 9

  1. Find examples of objects that could be symbolic–at least 3.
  2. How does Minerva function as a symbol both as a character in this novel and in real life?
  3. Think about other symbolic objects, characters or events in this novel: the anacahuita tree from the Mirabal sisters’ childhood, Dede’s ring, her failure to plant seeds, etc. How is symbolic meaning different from literal meaning?
  4. How does the symbol inform our understanding of the story or character?

Chapter 10

  1. Choose one of the Mirabal sisters. Develop a timeline of the most important events in that sisters’ narrative.
  2. Write a short description (no more than two paragraphs) of the way she has evolved.

Chapter 11

  1. Identify three major turning points up until this chapter.
  2. How might each of the sisters feel about being viewed as a martyr and symbol of freedom? Explain.

Chapter 12

  1. Identify three major themes in the book so far.
  2. Discuss the sacrifices each Mirabal sister makes for her rebellion against tyranny.
  3. Consider how you would answer Maria Teresa’s journal entry, “What is the real connection between people? Is it our religion, the color of our skin, the money in our pockets?”
  4. How does each sister exhibit courage in a way consistent with her personality and responsibilities throughout the novel?
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