Requirements for Annotated Bibliography You will need to find three (3) articles. (Yes, you will only need to incorporate two sources in your argumentative essay;

Requirements for Annotated Bibliography
You will need to find three (3) articles. (Yes, you will only need to incorporate two sources in your argumentative essay; however, I still want you to find three sources for this assignment in case one source does not work out for you once you begin writing.)
However, in a world where “fake” news is rampant, I would highly recommend the databases.
Regardless if you use the Internet or the databases, the requirements for sources are the same:
Requirements for Articles (Sources):

Articles must be “reliable.”
Articles must have an author (or authors, which may be an organization or our government).
Articles must have a title.
Articles should be at least one page.
Articles may NOT be a blog, a book review, a discussion posting, or just an abstract.
Articles may be in a book.
How to write the Annotated Bibliography heading, header, font, spacing, and the title: Annotated Bibliography): (NOTE: Double space throughout
Your first sentence (or first sentences) will be a summary of the article. The example has two sentences for the summary. You may have 1- 3 sentences for the summary.
After the summary, you should write 2-5 sentences evaluating the article. (Quotes should be included, so read NOTE: If your article has page numbers, usually a PDF, use them. If article does not have page numbers, do not use the printer’s page numbers. Most HTML articles do not have page numbers.)
End with 1-2 sentences explaining how this source s you understand the topic better.

I have already been approved for a topic, so the annotated bibliography needs to be on Mental Illness and this is what I am arguining
I want to argue on the different alternatives for mental ill patents to use beside medications. Should mentally ill people be required to take medications to prevent them from being a danger to one self or to others.
I will also need a copy of all sources for Annotated Bibliography and argumentative essay.

this is the requirements for argumentative essay……
Write a well-developed, multi-paragraphed essay. Essay should have at least 8 paragraphs and should be 3 – 4 pages long (content).
Must have at least one counterargument (refute the opposition)
Include a Works Cited page: The Works Cited page should appear on its own on either page 4 or page 5. (Save the Works Cited page with the essay, not as a separate file.)
Include a clear thesis statement in your introduction.
Incorporate at least 4 direct quotes from two secondary sources, no more than three secondary sources. Besides the 4 required direct quotes, you may also paraphrase, but you will still need to give credit to the source. And, you still need at least 4 direct quotes. If you feel you will need more than three secondary sources, you must contact me. Although this essay will require quotes from secondary sources, I should still hear your voice in the supporting argument. If you quote too much, your voice is lost.

Do not begin a paragraph with a quote.
Do not end a paragraph with a quote. End with your voice explaining your concluding point.
Do not quote back-to-back.
Do not write “stand alone” or “dropped” quotes. In other words, in the essay there should not be a sentence that is quoted alone with no introductory phrase (signal verb) or an introductory sentence (with a colon).
Concluding paragraph.
Follow correct MLA: heading, header, Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced throughout, Works Cited page.
Audience: Your instructor and your classmates.
Do not use any form of “you” or “I”—unless in a quote.
Do not use contractions.
Do not ask questions in the essay. (No rhetorical questions.)
Purpose: to inform, to entertain, and to persuade.
Need a creative, original titleUnacceptable Sources Unreliable…
Wikipedia anything
Book Reviews
Sparknotes, Shmoop, Enotes, Cliffnotes, Gradesaver…

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