rewrite this essay in your words: The 5 different types of specific demonstrative evidence I’ve researched up on is sound recording, drawings, Diagrams, photos, and

rewrite this essay in your words: The 5 different types of specific demonstrative evidence I’ve researched up on is sound recording, drawings, Diagrams, photos, and Simulations. Sound recording is an example of demonstrative evidence; in the past, undercover personnel would use hidden wires to record the conversation in order to get the other person to admit to the crime that they had committed. Photos is another demonstrative evidence. A thousand words are worth a thousand pictures. Photos can prove when a person commits a crime and have proof from a witness taking a photo. In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone that they can easily pull out and use to photograph a crime in progress. Photos can be used as evidence in court. Drawing is also another form of demonstrative evidence. Sketches are a way of describing someone who has committed a crime against them. Sketches can be used in the news to provide a visual of an armed and dangerous suspect. They can sometimes use the sketch with facial recognition software to try to match it within the sketch. The database systems Diagram is another demonstrative evidence. In some cases, the witness or jury will be shown an explanation of where the crime scene occurred. It should be clear and focused to ensure that the information displayed is correct and that the target audience understands. Simulations is another demonstrative evidence. It is also known that it is not as clear as actual testimony. It can be difficult to recreate what actually happened at that point in time. Sometimes technology can go a long way toward understanding what happened and presenting it to the public court. can demonstrative evidence be used to show? Explain. Demonstrative evidence can be used to show and illustrate witness testimony, and its use at trial can benefit both the plaintiff and the opposing counsel. According to studies, people only remember what they heard. When preparing for a trial, using demonstrative evidence to tell a story can mean the difference between success and failure. Defineauthentication(Rule 901, Federal Rules of Evidence). Authentication refers to evidence that must be sufficiently supported in order to determine a matter in a questioning. This is a legal term that means evidence has been proven to be admissible and genuine. The issue of authentication must be resolved in two stages. The court must first determine whether the offered procedure appears sufficient. Second, the fact finder must be determined in the end. types of evidence must be authenticated? Explain why. types of evidence, such as marks, scars, show identity, and age, must be authenticated? They will also need to state what they said and what type of clothing the offender was wearing. They must also present evidence that both parties agree must be presented in court as evidence to the jury. They will try to argue about the evidence presented, and sometimes they will argue that it is not accurate. To proceed with further processing, all evidence must be authenticated. How is authentication related to relevance? Explain. Relevance refers to whether or not a piece of evidence can be directed on the case in order to prove or disprove the facts of the case. The first thing that will be established for any potential evidence, including an electronic document, is its relevance. The question of relevance, on the other hand, is whether evidence is sufficient to prove a point at all. It can be difficult to figure out how to apply electronic evidence to this given standard of establishing relevance regardless of origin or format. Once relevance has been established, the next step is to verify the authenticity of the document in question. How are the processes similar? How are they different? Explain. Real evidence and demonstrative evidence are processed in the same way, by using evidence gathered during a crime and calling witnesses to testify. Real evidence consists of a motive or a weapon being used, as well as clothing that was worn. Demonstrative evidence is used to support a witness’ testimony by using charts, maps, diagrams, or illustrations. Specifically, how can the following be authenticated? Explain in detail: Photographic evidence (photographs, X-rays, videos, and automatic devices) Pictorial evidence, such as photos, x-rays, videos, and automatic devices, must be substantially clear and not blurry for any purpose for which evidence is collected. To avoid problems during the process, photos must be clear and not blurry. To provide specific identification for any corrosion or pigments, X-rays must be used. In order to be used in a crime or court, videos must have clear visuals. Computer printouts: The rules of a computer print out describe process must be generated by an electronic process or system, a document retrieved from a file or in a stored personal computer. They also offer a digital identification process. For example, hash values can be used to authenticate electronic data. Maps, models, diagrams, charts, and summaries: When asked to step forward or be a witness to a map or diagram to show the jury how an event occurred, the signal the jury requires must be detailed, which is critical. The demonstration breaks up the monotony of a witness’s testimony, allowing the witness to repeat important points in a way that jurors can and will visualize. are the different stages in theevidence chain of custody? The different stages and process in evidence chain of custody is being establish and having a forensic investigator carefully study the crime of the scene , while taking photos and detailed notes. 1.Location of evidence 2.Time and date of evidence recovery 3.Description of the item 4.Condition of the item 5.Unique markings. The investigator must then package and seal all evidence collected in order to prevent any damage from cross contamination. The next step is to label or mark each package for easy identification before sending it to a lab or evidence room. The example of chain of evidence elements must be required and met in order to maintain an accurate record. Why is the chain of custody so important to successful prosecutions? Explain in detail. When dealing with evidence, the Chain of Custody is the most important aspect. A written record of all individuals who have maintained unbroken control and are being used as evidence in an ongoing case. It is critical because it prevents the prosecutor from reprimanding a suspect who has committed a crime. If the chain of custody is broken, evidence will be thrown out of court. When a client requests the retrieval of any physical evidence directly recorded that was created, the chain of custody process generates experts to conduct an investigation. When the original evidence is available for retrieval, the process becomes more common throughout the investigation. The retrieval process, which is then part of the chain of custody. The more information an expert retrieves, the stronger the authentic chain of custody becomes. Explanation: References: Essays, UK. (November 2018). Types of Demonstrative Evidence. Retrieved from General liability (Ed.). (2011, October 1). The Importance of Demonstrative Evidence: Melick & Porter. 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