Rh incompatibility | nursing care of women and children | Albany State University

 Step 2- Compose an 800-1000-word summary of your chosen topic. At minimum,
address the following:
1. Definition
2. Etiology
3. Clinical manifestation
4. Symptoms
5. Diagnostics
6. Appropriate outpatient or inpatient management
7. Potential complications
8. Nursing Interventions and Care
9. Expected medical management
10. Patient Teaching
Grading Criteria: This required assignment will count as your writing across the curriculum for this semester. This
also constitutes a portion of your clinical assignment/hours. Any student not completing will receive a clinical
incomplete for this course.
Learning Outcomes assessed:
Evidence based practice: Use best current evidence, expert opinion, and clinical expertise as a basis for nursing
practice and clinical judgment.
Patient education: Develop and implement health related education to patients that will facilitate their acquisition
and reinforcement of knowledge and skills, adoption of new behaviors, and modification of attitudes.
Due Dates: See class schedule this will be your ticket into class that day, have ready and be prepared to
discuss in front of class
(Sign up provided per google doc link on first day of class) 

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