Selection of proposed ebp project proposal, rationale, and pico(t)

 Please fill out the template and write 2-3 paragraphs paper based on instruction:

to develop your PICO question, please use the Intervention template only.  Although the other templates are used in developing a PICO, the Intervention template will be the most efficient for a 5 week course. Please consult your readings, FAQs, and NUR 49800 lib guide for template.

Write a 2 to 3 paragraph paper addressing the following criteria:

  • Title of project, full name of facility and location, full name of RN facilitator (clinical liaison) and credentials 
  • PICO or PICO(T) question at the RN-BS scope of practice level. Intervention focuses on nursing intervention.
  • Rationale for selection
  • Outcomes  (what you hope to accomplish).

PICO questions and EBP proposal topics, specifically related to pharmacokenetics,  medications, health care provider ordered medication or comparison with medications or chemical preparations is not acceptable for an RN-BSN scope of practice. In other words,  medications cannot be ANY part of your PICO.  Additional unacceptable PICOs include Rapid Response Team, Skin to Skin Contact (these are readings and former and current sample papers), Chlorhexidine, Equipment, HAPU, Rounding to Prevent Falls, CAUTI, and CLABSI (these have been overused and have extensive best available evidence). 

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