Short answer no more than 150- 200 words for each question


1.      Identify at least one contributor to each of the four theoretical approaches in clinical psychology, along with his or her specific theories or views about human behavior. Which of the four approaches do you find most interesting? Explain your response.




2.     What are your thoughts on personality testing in the workplace? Is it worthwhile or too intrusive? Do you think that personality testing in the workplace is a legitimate strategy for accurate job placement?




3.     What happens if a person is found to have a mental disorder as a result of a personality test in the workplace?  Is the company obliged to disclose that information to the prospective employee?  To anyone?  What are the ethical and legal issues?



4.    When we consider the cognitive perspective, we take into account the fact that what we think   

      determines how we feel and behave. Sexual-aggressive lyrics is an example of this concept. 

      The impact of sexual-aggressive music on our behavior has been demonstrated in a number of

      empirical reports. The reference below is an example of such reports. In many ways, lyrics

      dictate to us how we should perceive others and behave toward them. Your thoughts?

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