Sit740 research and development in information technology pass task

 In this task you will investigate an aspect of research in industry IoT and report on your findings. 

 Submission Details 

 Submit the following files to Doubtfire: A PDF document with your investigation (150 words) 


 There are many companies that claim to deliver IoT technologies. Some IoT companies are shown below:  “attached”

 In this task, you can choose explore further an aspect of R&D in IoT, you can choose to do ONE of the following: investigate an IoT product concept: investigate and write about three different versions/variations of an IoT product concept, e.g., different versions of “smart alarm clock”, “smart street lighting”, “Internet toaster”, etc, and compare and contrast these different versions, explaining why you consider them to be an IoT device, and their use case, including the problems they aim to solve, and how they are developed to solve the problems, and their advantages and disadvantages. investigate IoT companies: investigate and write about three IoT companies, explaining why you consider them to be an IoT company, including the products they sell or develop, problems they aim to solve, and how the products are developed to solve the problems, and their limitations. investigate IoT trends in industry via IoT review papers: read the following two review papers on  industrial IoT, and then summarize their key points, noting overlaps and differences of perspectives. Include in your summary the advantages/benefits that IoT technologies have brought to their application domains, highlighting examples, and note problems and issues yet to be solved (e.g., noting “gaps” needing research to fill) as highlighted by the papers: Internet of Things in Industries: A Survey A Survey on Internet of Things From Industrial Market Perspective 

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