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Read “Chapter-12: Sports Management,” in Foundations of Kinesiology, by Carole A. Oglesby, Kim Henige, Douglas W. McLaughlin, Belinda Stillwell, et. al. (ISBN-13: 978-1284198300 / ISBN-10: 1284198308) and provide original, not plagiarized, grammatically correct, thorough responses to the following questions; accordingly. 

1. Several outspoken business leaders have criticized the sport management degree. For example, Mark Cuban, the oft-brash owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has bashed the degree and supported the idea that interested students pursue a general business or management degree instead. Considering the positives and negatives of both, what advantages (if any) does a sport management degree have over a general business or management degree for future sport industry professionals?

2. The rapid and continued expansion of the sport industry in the United States and across the globe was mentioned multiple times in this chapter. Due to this expansion, there have been a plethora of entry-level positions for sport management graduates. Do you foresee this expansion “bubble” bursting? In other words, at what point might we see a marked slowing in the growth and popularity of sport?

3. If you were a hiring manager for a professional sports franchise, what qualities would be most important to you when looking for new sport management employees? Explain your answer with an example and reasoning.

4. Sport competes against other entertainment entities such as live theater, movies, and concerts. What are the unique attributes of sport that draw the spending of discretionary income to games and matches compared to other entertainment options?

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