Stock statistics | FIN366 Financial Institutions | University of Phoenix


Write a sentence for each question below. Total word 1000-1500

Follow the instructions.    

1. Access and insert the ticker symbol of the five different companies of your choice in the “Get Quotes” section. Company is TSLA. 

2. Review the statistics provided. For each report the following: 

3. What is the average daily trading volume (Average Volume)?

4. What is the market capitalization of the firm?

5. What is its price- earnings ratio (P/E)?

6. What is the amount of its dividends paid, if any, and what is the dividend yield (Div & Yield)

7. Evaluate these firms’ statistics. Click on “Key Statistics.”

8. What are the firm’s beta?

9. What are their return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE)? What are their short ratio?

10. From highest to lowest rank the 5 companies in terms of risk.

11. From highest to lowest rank the 5 companies in terms stock appreciation in the latest year.

12. Correlate and explain your thoughts as to the performance of each stock based on its risk.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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