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After reading the article, Guiding Students Through Expository Text with Text Features Walk (Links to an external site.), create a five-step graphic organizer for students to guide them through a text feature walk. Use the steps under “Student guide for the text feature walk” to create a graphic organizer that would guide students in their small group. Also, add the title and author of a text with text features (please link the text in your graphic organizer) that they would read in your discipline (math, art, science, language arts, etc.) for them to use as they complete the steps. 

Be as creative as possible, making it student-friendly and easy to use (use text boxes and creative font). This is a graphic organizer to help students complete the text feature walk using the text you selected. Submit the graphic organizer (a blank one, not completed). 



Note: While you may use the internet to get ideas, this should be your own vision and using the steps given in the article. Please do not copy from a website as if it were your own. 

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