This assignment has 3 component parts: A brief (1 page) Outline A Public Advocacy Ad or Public Service Announcement (PSA) – a multi-modal A 1

This assignment has 3 component parts:

A brief (1 page) Outline
A Public Advocacy Ad or Public Service Announcement (PSA) – a multi-modal
A 1 page analysis of your design choices and a discussion of how you considered and acknowledged ethos, pathos and logos in your ad or announcement.
Part 1: Considering the health-related issue and what you have learned through your research, create a 1 page outline for a Communication Strategy designed to maximize the benefit of your presentation. Identify and describe the stakeholders* and the population vulnerable to the health issue you have researched.

*Stakeholder: That group or entity who would have commissioned the research and educational presentation your employer assigned to you.

Subject for Health Intervention (Brainstorming Activities)

Goal: Identify the specific goal of your health intervention/education and create a communications strategy.
Public Relations: Define the vulnerable population or target audience. (characteristics, what they want, motivations to change behavior)
Planning Strategies: Who are the stakeholders? (affiliation with population, positions in the community, government, board, etc., age/gender/beliefs)
Vulnerable Population: What is the objective of your communication? What channels will you use and why? What tactics will you use and why?
Part 2: Create a Public Advocacy Ad or Public Service Announcement (PSA)

You have created a presentation. Now, think of this Public Advocacy Ad as a way to grab your audience’s attention concerning the issue and its importance so that they will want to view the presentation or read auxiliary materials you could provide.

Make sure to read appropriate pages in your text to learn how to execute design expectations effectively.

Public Advocacy Ad: Create a flyer or a one-page still webpage that promotes your health issue.

Consider such design elements as layout (organization of and balance between the written and visual text), spacing, font and image size, font style, color, clarity, and brevity of the text. (Written text must be error free.)

If you don’t have an app or software you are comfortable using to design this piece, consider trying as a resource. Canva makes templates, backgrounds, fonts and images available for free.

Public Service Announcement: Another option is a short video clip with voice-over (music optional), pictures, and written text, if appropriate. You can create this video by using YouTube, PowerPoint (with sound), AuthorStream, iMovie, Spotify, or any other program.

As you produce the video, consider these design principles: technical quality (accessibility, audio quality, and viewability), audience engagement, timing (less than a minute), and completeness. (Written text must be error free.)

Your ad should explain the topic or health issue and convince your target audience of its importance.

Part 3: Write a 1 page analysis of your design choices and the use of the rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) in your ad/announcement.(maximum 2 pages)

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