This is a western civilization assignment. use at least 100 words to answer each question number. Each question number has 2 questions, answer both using

This is a western civilization assignment. use at least 100 words to answer each question number. Each question number has 2 questions, answer both using 100 words. Use any source as you but no plagiarizing and put in your own words.

1. Origins and Spread of Christianity in Roman Empire
a. Why were Christians persecuted in the Roman Empire?
b. Consider the Church Council at Nicea (325 A.D.) why was it convened? Examine in particular the Nicene creed and explain its significance.

2. Collapse of Western Roman Empire; the Germanic Successor States
a. Was the collapse of Roman authority (and the sacking of Rome) just the result of military defeat or were there larger social, economic, (or) cultural reasons for the end of Roman rule?
b. What were some of the consequences of the collapse of Roman political authority?

3. The Roman Empire: Roman Society and Culture
a. Briefly describe the culture of the Roman Empire in the first century C.E. What elements were common throughout the Empire? In what ways did the emperors promote the development of a unified culture? What were the common entertainments of the day? What was the environment of the city like in this period?
b. What was the extent of the expansion of the Roman Empire? How did the Romans hold the empire together? Militarily, politically, economically, culturally, or a combination of all of these?

4. Rome: From Origins to End of the Republic
a. How did the Roman constitution change over time as Rome evolved from a republic to an empire?
b. How did Octavian manage to hold power in Rome for over four decades, when violence and assassination had been the fate of ambitious politicians for the previous century?

5. Roman Empire: Decline, Fall, and the Roman Tradition

What reforms did Diocletian and Constantine make? What new forces did they mobilize in the attempt to strengthen and preserve the Empire? In your opinion, were these reforms successful? Why or why not?

6. Transitions from Antiquity to the Middle Ages
What elements of continuity can you trace between the late Roman world and the emerging world of the German kingdoms in the early Middle Ages?

7. The Western Church
What did Augustine mean by “the city of God”? How did he contrast it with the “the earthly city”? What was his aim in writingThe City of God?

8. Justinian and the Eastern Roman Empire

What were the major achievements of Justinian’s reign?

9. The Rise of Europe: New Kingdoms; New Ways of Life
a. How did the Carolingian rulers of the Frankish kingdom expand their territory?
b. What was the greatest extent of the Carolingian Empire?

10. The Birth of Islam
a. What was the basic message of Islam?
b. What are the Five Pillars of the faith?

11. Charlemagne’s Empire and Invasions of Europe
a. What was the extent of Charlemagne’s empire?
b. How did he establish and maintain control over much of western and central Europe?

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