Unit 2 written assignment: applying the ethical decision-making model

Notes for Assignment 

You are seeing a client who is on probation for being convicted of a drug crime, which included mandated counseling, probation meetings, revoking his driver’s license and reassessment of risk to abuse illicit substances. You are the only provider in your small community that offers this service (substance abuse evaluations and monitoring). You have been seeing this client for one year and almost completed treatment, however recently has been missing appointments. You are concerned he is using again. The court is interested in your evaluation of the client to determine if he should be discharged from his probation. You do not feel comfortable allowing him to be discharged from probation due to past history of violent behaviors your client displays when he is using and your concerns he is using again.

While trying to decide how to proceed with the evaluation, your friend wants to introduce you to her new boyfriend and she invites you to a wine-tasting party. You arrive early and begin to enjoy a glass of wine. After a couple glasses of wine, your friend’s boyfriend arrives and he happens to be the client to which you are supposed to complete the evaluation. Before you could be introduced, you noticed he was served a glass of the wine. When the client sees you, he is concerned you will use the information about him drinking in your evaluation. He threatens to tell the court that you are out-to-get him (and is the reason for the bad evaluation) because you are a drunk yourself.

In your assignment add one historical date in this reading that captured your attention as it relates to the following case: Remley, Jr. T. P. & Herlihy, B. P. (2016). Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling (6th ed.). Pearson. ISBN-10: 0135183812 | ISBN-13: 978-0135183816

Use the steps of the model as an organization for this assignment. Be thorough. For the ethical standards section, do your best while referring to the ACA Code of Ethics as we have not covered the standards in detail yet. 

Please review before completing assignment. You may also refer and use these resources included for your reference. Please see following attachments

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