using references and website and use of own knowledge: Q1)Could you list out what are the 10 greatest public health achievements? Briefly describe 5 achievements?

using references and website and use of own knowledge: Q1)Could you list out what are the 10 greatest public health achievements? Briefly describe 5 achievements? Q2)From a public health perspective, discuss the burden of mental health disorders in young adults. Describe 2 interventions that has been effective in reducing mental health disorders in this population. Q3)Could you describe the term ‘Nutrition Transition’. Could you also examine the impact of nutrition transition on health of populations in developing countries? Q4)Could you explain the difference between the following terms and state example for each of them: a)Primary level of prevention, Secondary level of prevention and Tertiary level of prevention b)incidence rate and the prevalence rate c)endemic, epidemic, and pandemic. Q5)(a)Could you explain what is emerging infection (b) could you explain the health belief model with a of an example (c) could you explain the socio-ecological model with the of an example. Q6)Could you explain the following core functions of public health with an example: a)Assessment b)Policy development c)Assurance CASE STUDY Imagine that Joseph Shoe a 21-year-old student at a state university in Illinois, is spending 3 months in China on a study abroad program for the summer. While he is there, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) breaks out in Canada and is traced back to China. When SARS shows up in Canada, Illinois immediately creates a mandatory vaccine for all those who are currently in China or certain areas of Canada, or all those who plan to go there in the next few years. The new vaccination is commonly believed to be effective and is widely approved by the medical community. However, some in the medical community believe that the vaccination is worthless in preventing the spread of SARS and that it has injurious side effects. Joseph feels confident that he will not contract SARS. He has been in China for a month, is perfectly healthy, and is not in the region of the outbreak. He is willing to submit to a physical but does not want the “experimental” vaccination and its side effects. He also feels that this mandatory vaccination affronts his bodily integrity and violates his legal rights. reference:  Readings to support this discussion: -Richards, E.P. & Rathbun, K.C. (n.d.)  The Role of Police Power in 21st Century Public Health. answer the below mentioned question referring to the case study given above: Q1)Does Joseph have the right to refuse the vaccination? Or alternatively, does the State have the right to require/mandate vaccination? Why or why not?

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