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Final: The purpose of this assignment is to tie in victimology/criminological theories to a criminal justice case.

Select a criminal justice case that interests you. For the case you selected, research the victim or victims who were affected by the perpetrator’s actions. Explain their life course, the crime circumstances, and how they were treated by the media. And finally, tie in any victimology theories from the entirety of this course and relate them to the victim and/or crime you selected. Do not focus on the perpetrator. You may mention them and any adverse experiences they went through, but the main focus of this paper should be the victim(s).

Your ass must touch on all points outlined above, contain at least 3 sources cited in APA style (one academic journal/book source), and be a minimum of 750 words. must be submitted as Word documents. No other formats will be accepted. It is the individual student’s responsibility to ensure that the assignment  they intend to submit is successfully uploaded to Blackboard by the deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that the file that you submit is not corrupted and can be opened by the recipient

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