You will examine how health care professionals and decision makers


you will examine how health care professionals and decision makers evaluate health care economics to understand the economic dynamics of health care systems. Consider the complexity of providing health care and the intricate relationship between the fundamentals of economics and the elements of health care systems. Understanding this relationship is vital for informed decision making and optimization of health care systems. Making a clear understanding about health economics in relation to health care professionals, delivery, and government and private sector involvement.

Assessing the value of health care professionals and decision makers understanding the discipline of health economics.

Defending or critiquing the importance of considering the complex nature of health and health care when examining the economic principles related to health care delivery.

Analyzing the primary potential benefits of learning about health economics related to government involvement in health care economics, financing, and delivery.

Analyzing the main potential benefits of learning about health economics related to private sector involvement in health care economics, financing, and delivery.

Please make sure these points are included in the paper:

explaining what health economics is and how it relates to healthcare, discussing  specific economic principles discussing public payers like Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, and for private payers you will discus the private employers based insurers. paying close attention to the quality outcomes, spending, and financing for each of the models as part of your discussions for the public and private payers.

Some economic principles include supply and demand, the cost curve, determinants of health, capitation and payer mix, and elasticity


A dozen facts about the economics of the US health-care system,on%20economic%20growth%20(18).

The Facts on Medicare Spending and Financing

Employer strategies to reduce health costs and improve quality through network configuration

How Much More Than Medicare Do Private Insurers Pay? A Review of the Literature,delivery%20of%20health%20care%20services.&text=In%20many%20plans%2C%20a%20risk,percentage%20of%20the%20capitation%20payment.,and%20consequences%20of%20different%20interventions.

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