Your team must develop the following as part of your project: 1. WBS Dictionary (one WBS dictionary for each branch of the WBS structure, i.e.,

Your team must develop the following as part of your project: 1. WBS Dictionary (one WBS dictionary for each branch of the WBS structure, i.e., chose one branch of the WBS, chose one work package, and develop the WBS dictionary) 2. Activity List: For each work package your group should brainstorm and list a minimum of five activities that must be completed to produce the work package deliverable. 3. Activity Attributes (based on the WBS dictionary you chosen, develop activity attributes for all the activities of the work package). 4. Estimate the activity durations for all the activities in your project using PERT. Project name: Logistics and Delivery of syringes for Covid19 Vaccinations Justification: In today’s scenario, Covid has taken the center stage in all our lives. It has played such a huge role that even the norms in our life have been redefined and this project focuses on one of the covid related crises that demand immediate attention. Since the beginning of 2021, the world is witnessing the biggest and quickest vaccination drive ever and with limited resources, governments are facing a hard time providing vaccination to all their citizens. The recent crisis has been the shortage of syringes and needles and with this project, we intend to highlight the logistics part of procurement and supply of these goods. ●       Sponsor and major stakeholders: Suppliers, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Health care centers, vaccination centers, Transportation contractors, warehouses, and consumers. ●       How will the project be funded? With funding from Pharmaceutical Tycoons, Government, Hospitals and Health care centers ●       Description of the project product/service Identifying the Sourcing/Suppliers,  Location of the source (domestic/international), if International then check whether MFN (Most-favoured-Nation) trading regulations apply Distribution: Type of Syringe, Quantity, Mode of transportation (ship/air carriers) will be depending on the timeline, associations like shipping and cargo or cargo flights, and deciding whether it is going to be a Hub and spoke distribution or hospital to hospital delivery. Activity List,  Activity Attributes, activity durations for the planning phase : planning:

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