Your textbook is divided into three units with each unit containing a number of independent Issues. At the beginning of each unit there is a

Your textbook is divided into three units with each unit containing a number of independent Issues. At the beginning of each unit there is a list of questions posed to you, the reader. You are to contemplate the questions and keep said questions at the fore front of your mind as you begin reading the issues that follow. In addition, these questions may also be the catalyst upon which your discussion posts are based. At the conclusion of each unit, you are to choose three issues per Unit that you either strongly agreed with or strongly disagreed with and write a summary paper on each selected issue.Each issue paper is to be submitted individually via the corresponding link. All papers are to follow the MLA format ONLY and be at least two full pages in length not including the source page. In addition, only 12 point font is to be used. Failure to follow the set guideline for all assignment papers will have a negative impact on your individual assignment grade as well as your overall final grade. Quality and elements of thought matter!! Your papers may include your opinion, however, your opinion must be grounded/supported in evidence based information/research with the accompanying citation(s) included in your papers. No citations equal plagiarism. In addition, your papers must reflect the information you acquired from your text. Thus, you MUST read your text.

Because effective documentation is a required skill in this field, my grading rubric for ALL SUBMISSIONS will include your grammar, sentence structure, punctuations, clarity of thought, etc. Should I have difficulty understanding what it is you are trying to convey, your grade will reflect the same. Finally, should I encounter any “text” style writing in your papers, I will immediately stop grading your paper and a zero will be assigned as your grade. Thus, I strongly urge you to proof read your papers before submitting and if you know you struggle with writing, use the writing lab as a resource. Notification of any error in submission will be made via gradebook feedback. You will have until the end of said assignment deadline due date to correct the submission, if acknowledgment from you of the existing error is not received by the deadline, a permanent zero will be given.

The deadline for submission of each set of summaries can be found in the “course document” field.

TExt Book is Taking Sides clashing Views in Drugs and Society Eleventh Edition author Dennis K Miller

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